EIFS Stucco

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What is EIFS Stucco?

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation Finishing System, a modern update of the traditional plaster stucco. EIFS is known for being a durable, energy-efficient building material that offers a lot of design flexibility, while remaining a cost-effective solution. Properly installed EIFS is both a weather-resistant and low maintenance option.

Energy Efficient & Flexible

EIFS Stucco is a popular cladding system that is known for its superior energy efficiency, flexibility of texture and design, and unlimited color selection.

Create a Striking, Distinctive Appearance

With EIFS, you can create all sorts of exterior details, like cornices, arches, columns, keystones, mouldings, and decorative accents, which would be very costly using conventional construction. It allows you to create a striking, distinctive appearance.

Unlike wood, EIFS never needs to be painted. It is specially formulated for superior resistance to fading, chalking, and yellowing.

EIFS is Highly Crack Resistant

EIFS is designed to be very flexible, which makes it highly crack resistant. When walls expand or contract due to rising or falling temperatures, EIFS is resilient enough to absorb building movement, thus avoiding cracking problems.

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